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[Sunward growth] Observation of outdoor sports group games in Meige kindergarten
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    "The Outline: - "General Rues No. 5" clearly states: "kindergarten education should respect children's rights and personality, and take games as the basic activities".

     It emphasizes that games are "an important form of all-round development education for children", which is also the satisfaction of adults to children's needs,  the 

care of children's nature and the kindness to children's growth.

      In order to further improve the comprehensive ability of teachers' outdoor sports game organization, from June 22 to 25, Meige education 

headquarters  organized  all campuses  to carry out outdoor sports group game observation activities,  and teachers  in all campuses  actively 

participated in this activity.

         In combination with the actual situation of the class,  teacher Shen of Qianhe campus  organized the activity of "fun tires" according  to the age 

characteristics of children and the spirit of the Guide.Through the introduction of vivid scenes, children are excited to play games with tires, which fully 

mobilize children's enthusiasm and initiative to participate in sports activities.

     The activity "happy jump" organized by Teacher Zhang of BDA campus, although there was a special rainy day, the teachers and children moved indoors 

and played lot of tricks in various circles. While practicing single foot continuous walking and jumping, they also encouraged the children to explore a variety 

of playing methods in the circle.

     In the game "jumping in circles" organized by Teacher Ma of Guodian campus, children enter the activity site orderly under the leadership of the teacher 

for warm-up exercise.  Teachers can effectively encourage children to use their existing experience,  constantly seek new methods of playing circle, and promote 

the development of intellectual and non intellectual factors while improving children's basic sports ability.

      The "carrying water" activity organized by  Teacher Chen of Huacheng campus  takes advantage of children's nature of liking playing with water to 

create a relaxed, pleasant and independent game atmosphere for children.So that children can actively participate in "carrying water"activities, explore 

and select the most suitable tools and materials to carry water under different circumstances, and enjoy the fun brought by playing with water.

       After the activity, Ms. Duan, the supervisor of  the head office,  and Teacher Yao   organize directors of  nursing and  education  and all teachers 

of who participated in the observation to carry   out discussion and exchange in terms of the provision  of activity materials, children's  participation 

and teachers' organization and guidance strategies, and make a deep and simple analysis on each teacher's activities. The teachers who participated

in the observation also conducted on-site communication and evaluation on what they saw, felt and wanted in this activity.

        The open class observation activities not only help to improve teachers' ability to organize outdoor games, but also cultivate children's interest 

in  participating in sports games,  which has become an opportunity  for the development of children and  teachers.   Help teachers learn from each 

other, learn from each other, constantly improve the teaching level of sports activities in kindergartens, and accelerate the growth of young teachers.

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