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【Children's Day in Meige】Same happiness on different Children's Day
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Children's Day in MeigeSame happiness on different Children's Day

Childhood is a colorful picture 

that records the first beauty of a person's life.

Childhood is a sweet and clear song, 

flowing with the true color of dreams.

In order to celebrate the "June 1" International Children's day

 and let the babies have a rich, colorful, happy and unforgettable Festival,

 All campuses of Meige held different Children's Day activities on June 1.

Different June 1,

 the same happiness.

Guodian Campus

Children are in charge, and the flea market is open!

On June 1, the children carefully arranged the items to be exchanged in their small booth.

Small stalls have a loud or lovely name, which instantly makes the street full of fun!

The children take the idle cultural goods, toys, small items and books at home

to the flea market for equivalent exchange or money and goods exchange with their classmates.


This will cultivate children's awareness of not wasting their goods, saving resources and

 caring for the environment and good behavior habits, so that children can experience "fair trade" and "happy labor"!


Qianhe Campus

Today we are "different"

But we are still "model like"!

The way every baby walks on the stage

They are all "Super Star" in heart of mom and dads

Give children confidence

Let children wear beauty

Show yourself

This is the original intention of our activity

Dynamic with beat, healthy and full of vitality

They are in high spirits and full of vitality

They are a group of children who bravely pursue their dreams


The teacher hopes you can enjoy it willfully 

The joy of a short childhood

Pursue yourself bravely and confidently

Take your own rythem and pace

Go ahead boldly!

Huacheng Campus

In order to further enhance children's feelings for the motherland and their pride as Chinese people

Strengthen patriotic education for children

Huacheng campus carried out the painting activity of "childlike innocence to the party, I love the motherland"

Let the children scatter their ink

Draw the motherland in your heart and my heart!

"Ten meter long scroll, tribute to the motherland"

Ten thousand li mountain and river, what does it liook like in the eyes of children?

The long scroll of the picture was spread out

The children were lying on the playground

Paint and brush as much as you like

Bright five-star red flag, Shenzhou rocket soaring into the sky

Towering trees, lovely animals, bright flowers, towering tall buildings

Present one by one

This is the motherland in children's hearts

The brush is very immature

But the love for the country is not reserved

Not inferior to anyone

Let's dedicate this gorgeous ten meter long scroll to the party and the motherland!


BDA Campus

BDA campus held an interesting sports meeting with the purpose of 

"I am healthy, I am happy and I grow up" on June 1!

This is an interesting sports meeting!

We hope to take this opportunity to carry forward the spirit of enterprising, fraternity and mutual assistance. 

We hope the babies have a good time and the game is wonderful!


The children carefully followed the team and stepped into the field in rhythm! 

Although they are small, they have loud slogans, health and self-confidence, showing a positive class style!

In this unique and interesting sports meeting, children enjoy the sunshine, 

sports and the baptism of sports spirit on the playground!

The children had a lot of fun, "big children" also took the opportunity to travel back to childhood for fun!

Usually we are teammates, but now we are "opponents"!

Tug of war and rope skipping
I won't admit defeat to any one!

There are always thousands of forms of activities on June 1, but hoping that children will "be healthy, happy and grow up" is an eternal theme!

The International Children's Day is over 

Say "happy holidays" to the children again! 

I wish the children enjoy the happiness of childhood and grow up healthily in the Meige family!

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