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“Chase dream heartly, move forward firmly”Meige's 2021 annual management training report ended successfully
source:Original author:Original Release time:2021-08-20

On July 9, 2021, Meige Education Group successfully held the "2021 annual management semester report and management training meeting", which was attended by the management of the headquarters and the principals of each campus.

As the old saying goes, "A workman must sharpen his too if he is to do his work well". According to the group's development strategy, the group has created a good win-win environment for enterprise development and personal development. The group has conducted comprehensive management system training for participants. The system is the compass of enterprise development. Through training the management of each department to better understand the theme of the system and better use the system to exercise management functions, improve management efficiency and build an excellent team.

The passage of time records the pay and hard work, and witnesses the growth and progress. Being busy, fulfilling, moving and making progress is the best interpretation of the work of this year. Through debriefing and sharing, all MEG colleagues summarized their achievements and insights in the academic year 2020-2021, and set their own goals and plans for the academic year 2021-2022 through mutual learning. Let's take this opportunity to review the growth process of Meige colleagues.

The report was presided over by the group's supervision teacher, and the elite principals and management conducted multi-dimensional wonderful report from the aspects of basic management, performance results, experience sharing, deficiencies and improvement.

Head of BDA campus: highlight the characteristics of the campus, deepen daily bilingual teaching and provide good preschool education services. In the new semester, all employees are encouraged to participate in professional training to improve their professional ability. The management personnel improve their management level to truly play a professional leading role.

Head of Guodian campus: continuously strengthen the study of their own professional ability, actively carry out various work of the campus, seriously implement relevant national laws, regulations, guidelines, policies and kindergarten work procedures, and further do a solid job in various routine work of the kindergarten.

Head of Qianhe campus: establish noble teacher ethics, stabilize the teacher team, and establish a vibrant, dedicated and learning teacher team. We will continue to standardize the daily work process of kindergarten, strengthen the guidance to teachers in the daily work process, and further optimize children's daily activities to make children's day full and meaningful.

Head of Huacheng campus: read more professional books in the new semester, build a team of professional teachers, often reflect and summarize work notes, and strive to build the characteristics and quality of the campus.

Group financial manager: "The sharpness of sword comes from hard sharpening, and the fragrance of plum blossom comes from bitter cold." In the new semester, we will continue to optimize the management mode, organically integrate the "rigidity" of the system with the "softness" of management, combine hardness with softness, and create a rigorous and excellent team.

Group supervising teacher: in the new stage, we will continue to build a brand culture of new projects, establish a perfect project system, materialize the cultural construction and concept of Meige campus from the group's development strategy, consolidate the group's talent training plan, and create a high-quality teacher training and practice platform.

After the report, the group's executive vice president spoke highly of the work report of the management and principals, and deployed the work in the new stage. First of all, the executive vice president thanked the principals for their unremitting efforts and the hard work of the administrative management. This debriefing is not only a work report, but also an opportunity to learn and share. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to show your work achievements and style. I hope you will keep improving in your next work and improve your personal professional growth and work effectiveness.

"Those who are upright will do, although not ordered. Those who are not upright will not obey, although ordered. " After the system training, the principals and the management should not only take the lead in implementing the system, but also set an example, strictly discipline themselves, meticulously abide by various rules and regulations, and always set an example for everyone.

 The group will provide employees with more opportunities for promotion and training. More excellent employees will be selected through training and assessment. It is hoped that more new generations of management will be trained in the future. Under the guidance of the headquarters and the campuses, they will shine for the development of the group and win opportunities for their personal career development.  The group will continue to pay attention to all aspects of management, such as education and health care, and carry out intensive management.  In order to improve and systematize the existing management system, we should also learn to divide the knowledge into parts, sort out a set of more perfect management details manual for the usual management problems and solutions, and constantly accumulate excellent management experience. I hope you will work together to build a Meige Iron Army and strive to achieve the take-off of the group.

A scholar should have a broad and strong mind, for a  long way to go.

President's message: on the road of development, we have a heavy task and a long way to go. I hope you can work together and the future road will be full of birds and flowers!

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