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Parents' Feedback
Parents of Class Haishi of Guodian kindergarten: I was worried when my childwent to the small class and asked her status every day. However, I saw her progress day by dayafter she adapted to life in the kindergarten. For example, she spokemore clearly and could wear shoes by herself. I went to visit the teaching practice with other mothers on the open day and realized that these small progress were not easy to achieve. Three teachers in the class contribute too much hard work and enthusiasm. They always comfort and guide children in time when theycried and even have no time to drink water to lead children do activities and games.What moves me most is the expression in children's eyes, showing the most real trust and intimacy to the teacher. Thanks very much to the teachers of Class Haishi. I am very happy to meet you.
Parents of Class Molihua: I was also quite worried before my child went to the kindergarten because my child is a little wayward and naughtyat home.But the teacher was experienced very much and quickly found out the child's temper. They were never tired of the guidance and more patient than I do. What I was most grateful for was that Miss. Guo told us the truth about the children's performance in the kindergarten, including their shortcomings. She carefully analyzed and told us how to deal with similar situations in the family. There frankness and sincerity must be praised in this letter! Thank teachers!
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