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Teach safety knowledge in outdoor activities
source:Original author:Original Release time:2018-11-20

     Children's physical and mental characteristics determine that they not only love outdoor sports, but also are easy to be hurt in outdoor sports. To avoid children being hurt in outdoor sports activities, it is necessary to carry out safety education and improve the quality of outdoor activities. At the same time of children's outdoor activities, it is obviously more effective to transfer all kinds of safety knowledge to them than simply preaching. For children, the process of growth is to constantly learn various experiences, learn safety knowledge in outdoor activities, and so on. They can also form basic safety awareness in other occasions. Our teachers temporarily carry out all aspects of education for children according to the objective situation and in combination with the teaching situation. For example, when children play together and face a safety crisis, teachers will timely carry out safety education for children and teach them how to avoid danger and resolve the crisis, In this way, every child can have a deep understanding and knowledge of these safety common sense during play.

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