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Design games in the teaching practice
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Take children as the basis and carry out game classes

    We always carry out game courses around young children. When Meg's teachers formulate teaching plans and carry out courses, the starting point must be children and respect children's dominant position in learning. Our teachers will comprehensively consider the particularity of children's physical and mental development at this stage to carry out game courses, so that children can master knowledge and learn skills in scientific and reasonable courses. MEG believes that students and teachers are a closely related community. Children's understanding of the world largely comes from teachers' teaching because of their young age, little experience and other reasons. Therefore, teachers have the responsibility to explain that they are looking for an effective connection between the teaching content and the world. Before educating children, our teachers must fully understand the characteristics of each child, whether it is basic knowledge education or emotional education, and then start this connection through game, so as to promote children to integrate teaching, learning and playing, Form a faster understanding of the world and be able to learn actively.

 Focus on fun and carry out game courses


    An efficient preschool curriculum must be realized in a relaxed and cheerful teaching atmosphere, which must be dominated by teachers and can lead children to participate in classroom teaching. The key to attracting children's attention and participating in classroom interaction is to make the classroom lively and interesting. Interesting topics should always run through the classroom. Games are an indispensable part of childhood. Integrating games into our classroom is to add interesting colors to the beautiful childhood of young children, and explain the healthy and happy growth of children in a harmonious, perfect and free way. If our classroom lacks the theme of "fun", it will make early childhood teaching mature and integrate factors that do not conform to the law of children's growth. Therefore, when developing game courses, we insist on always maintaining interesting themes. When formulating game plans, we should start from children's interests, start from their lives, and constantly guide children to participate in games on the premise of respecting their dominant position, so as to cultivate their ability to actively participate in games, so as to help them establish learning confidence and courage, Get a variety of emotional experiences and grow up healthily and happily.

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